2019 Apres Season Games

Ladies & Gentlemen..... Smoking Aces Events is proud to bring to you the biggest Apres Skiing & Snowboarding event of the 2018/19 Season!!!! The Apres Season Games blends together the best parts of riding with the best parts of being done riding for the season! This event has three micro events to take part in. It starts with the Ski Boot Relay Race. In this event participants must do a lap in rental boots then tag off to another participant to keep the team going until the final racer has made their lap. The second event is the Wreck'Em Rental Race. Teams will have a chance to put on rental skis and do a 20 yard dash across the finest pavement this side of Kansas. Finally, we are please to present the Flathead Valley's first HUMAN FOOSBALL Tournament! Teams will enter the custom made Human Foosball court to battle it out in the best event to grace the Apres Season Games! All micro events will have individual prizes as well as a prize for the Apres Season Games Champions!!! Come out and say goodbye to winter with a one of a kind celebration!!!! Special thanks to Montana Tap House, Great Northern Brewing Company, Tamarack Ski and Lake Shop!!!


Event Details:

- Cost: $50/Team of 6


- Ski Boot Relay Race

Teams will have to gear up in rental ski boots provided by Tamarack Ski & Lake Shop. Each participant must do a lap before tagging off their next team member, and so on until your team has completed the full relay. You will be timed from the start of the first participant until the end of the final participant on your team.

- Wreck'Em Renal Race

Teams will select participants to take part in this rukus sprint race. Participants will have to put on rental boots and skis provided by Tamarack Ski & Lake Shop and dash 20 yards to see who can put up the fastest time. Team times will be added together to give each team a total team time.

- Human Foosball

Teams of 6 will go head to head in the custom made Human Foosball Court. As you may guess, the court is built to the specs of a standard foosball table, but MASSIVE!!!! Team members will have designated spots in the court in which they must stay "attached" to their foosball bar while trying to score goals. Games will be 5 minutes long or until a team scores 7 points. The first round of games will be a seeding round, and then teams will enter a single elimination tournament bracket. This means each team will be guaranteed at least two games! Penalties will be called for any time a team member is not touching their bar when they make contact with the ball. This event blends the fun of soccer with the bliss of foosball!!! This is by far a DO NOT MISS EVENT!

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