Smokin' Aces Tour

The Smokin' Aces Tour is the Flagship event series by Smokin' Aces Events.  The Smokin' Aces Tour is comprised of several skiing and snowboarding events taking place at different ski & snowboard areas across the Northern Rocky Mountains.  The Smokin' Aces Tour was generated due to an observable need for competitive skiing and snowboarding events across the region.  In 2014 the Smokin' Aces Tour kicked off with four slopestyle events and one rail jam.  Since then we produced an array of freeride and race events hosted at Great Divide Ski Area, Whitefish Mountain Resort, Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Blacktail Mountain Resort and Big Sky Resort. 

The Smokin' Aces Tour is one of a kind in the winter sports industry.  It is independently owned and organized.  This allows us to cut out some of the junk that comes along with sanctioned event series.  We also have the freedom to place our events at appropriate times.  We work with surrounding resorts to minimize conflicting events on the same dates.  This allows for a larger competitor base and in turn a higher level of competition. 

Many skiers and snowboarders have utilized the Smokin' Aces Tour as a launching pad for bigger moves in their own competitor and rider careers. The Smokin' Aces Tour is constantly evolving with the winter sports industry.  We cannot wait so see what comes for the Smokin' Aces Tour in the years to come! #AnteUP